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Within each of us is the wisdom to heal all wounds, the creative potential to birth all visions to life & the divine spark to awaken our sacred instrument to the greatest symphony of love this world has ever seen

When we come into right relationship with the Self, taking back

our power as sovereign beings, the world is our canvas


Embodied      Alchemist

is for you

What if ...

 the answers were wrapped within your own skin?


the ecstasy of your souls fulfillment was as

          tangible as breathing?


the way forward, was really the way within?

Hi, babe

My name is Starlyn, and it is my deepest pleasure to have you here.


I want to preface, that this program is unlike anything I've ever offered before, and unlike anything you will find anywhere else.

It's imbued with the very essence of my soul, and is the foundational codex that has shaped me into the leader, and woman, I am today.

It is my gift to invite you into your own embodied alchemy, so you can rise into the divinity you came here to lead through.

I created this 3 week course to serve as a guide to align you to living the life you dream of, awaken the power of sovereignty from within your own DNA, and remind you of the power you hold within your own soul, so you will no longer be searching outside of yourself for the answers, but rather you'll have the tools to forever guide yourself home to your inner wellspring of divine knowing within.

Embodiment is the path of sovereignty

Alchemy is the transformational power of soul


In this 3 Week Group Journey, we will uncover

the power you hold within


We will venture through three foundational paths to your embodied sovereignty

Love affair with your desire (2)
Love affair with your desire (3)
Love affair with your desire

what is included //

Weekly 75 min calls

2 Live Q&A's

Journal Prompts

Written Content

Guided Meditations

Simple & Effective Practices

Sacred Dance + Movement Ceremonies

Access to an Exclusive voxer Group

$888 Investment

Right now only $222! Price will go up soon...

now open 
for enrollment

Offical Dates:

3.3.23 - 3.23.23

It is my living prayer for all to know themself as love, and be so rooted in their own soul truth, that no matter how wild the tilt-a-world of life becomes, you have yourself above all else.

I dream of seeing others in those moments of pure rapture with god, where they know their very reason for being here and trust themself enough to bring their very gifts into this world.

I dream of others experiencing the radical healing of erotic innocence and magnetizing to them a conscious, soulmate relationship that matches their own embodied wholeness.

This is my prayer, and the very transformational cauldron I welcome you in to now.

For those ready for more personalized 1:1 support...

VIP Package

1:1 Mentorship

Three 60min 1:1 calls via Zoom

One 90 minute Reiki Energy Healing Session ($277 Value)

Daily support via Voxer

$1,497 Investment

|$2,385 Value|

Higher Level (33 Day-6 Month) Support Available for those ready to be held all the way into their quantum uplevel

ps.. all 1:1 clients receive free access to all workshops + group programs offered throughout mentorship

Our energetic frequency is the very stroke of color that paints our dreams to life


Our thoughts are the directional cues we

mold our reality from


Our embodiment is the foundation of all

we are here to be & create


Are you tired of searching outside of yourself for the way forward?

Are you exhausted from lack of boundaries?

Are you tired of relationships that do not support your most authentic self?


Are you ready to come home to the truth of who you are and know yourself so entirely so that nothing can pull you out of alignment with your own embodied love?

Are you ready to realize what has been right here for you all along?


Week 1: Sovereign Love Of Self + Union with the Beloved


Here we go into the foundational codex that sets the tone for your entire reality. Our relationship with ourself is our guidebook to how life and love shows up for us. It is the mircocosm to the macrocosm.


This week you will fall in love with yourself as you meet the beloved within, and all around. You will realize the potential you hold to gift yourself the most rapturous experience of sacred union. A state of being that is naturally attractive to all hearts desires.


Week 2: Reparenting The Inner Child + Sacred Boundaries


This week, we dive into the many rooms of our holy temple and unlock frozen aspects of our being. Our inner children are very much alive and express themselves through us. They gift us insight into how to reconnect to them through our triggers and unconscious programming. Together we will strengthen this connection. I will share practical tools to assist you in reparenting your inner child to rewrite and reset the very blueprint of your soul expression and way of being in the world.


Here we introduce Masculine and Feminine energetics. We will also tap into the vital importance of sacred boundaries to support us in clearing our field so more of our unique essence can shine through. Our boundaries also set the container for what we allow the universe to bring to us. When we honor our no's, we naturally align to our yes's.


Week 3: Quantum Leader + Love Affair with Desire


Whether you see yourself leading the masses or not, your soul is here to lead. Through your presence, your embodiment of your divine power you learn to lead yourself, which then leads others. Even if it is unspoken, this level of power is felt. It entrains the field around you. This week isn't solely for those who see themself as a grand leader on stage for the world, but for those ready to lead themself and their life into all that god designed them to be. When we live in this way, working hand in hand with the very creative forces that bring the all to life, we find ourself in a rapturously sexy love affair with desire. Our desires become recognized as sacred invitations from our soul to grow and expand; to become the divine leaders our souls came here to be. However that is meant to look for you.

This week will be personal, vulnerable and dripping in sultry dreams. Here you will meet yourself at a depth you may never have met yourself before.

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