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a reality of our own

Let’s face it - We live in a world of our own.

Reality’s become an internal game that often manifests into selfishness, detaching the individual from the whole.

Personally, my selfishness was my security for most my life. As it’s been for most of us who’ve experienced some form of trauma in our life. It’s also a natural consequence of the agreement to incarnate as a single being, seemingly separate from one body to the next.

Trauma often leads us to close down, retreat within and put up barriers to protect ourself. Life goes on, and we forget the barriers we once built. Distorting our ability to authentically give and receive love. Eventually manifesting itself into a game of push and pull.

For some, trauma manifests into a denial of love because of a belief that we aren’t worthy of love, or we develop a fear that if we do open up to love, we’ll only be hurt again.

Others begin the heart breaking search for love outside of ourself. Convincing ourself we must earn it and develop sick ways of doing so. Some use their bodies as bait, some become people pleasers.

Such distorted perceptions of love leave us feeling empty and alone. Unable to accept the truth that we are whole and complete on our own. Prohibiting our ability to feel the oneness that unites us with the whole. And denies us the experience of love that seeps into the lives around us from the overflow of unconditional love that fills us from within.

It’s hard to accept our faults. It’s even harder to accept how terribly you’ve hurt those you love most. But until we heal, hearts will be broken. Either our own, or those we love.

Every journey is unique in its own right, and a lifelong process it is, but each eventually guides us back home to the wellspring of unconditional love that connects us.

I’m still unraveling the many programs I picked up along the way, but the more I commit to my soul evolution, the easier it becomes to return to my inner most truth.

I don’t know about you, but I came here to serve love. Because if not love, then what else are we living for?

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