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anchoring heaven on earth

I’m beginning to loosen my grip on what I believe is mine.

As human beings {human beings with an ego} we like to believe that what we experience is our own. Our ego’s have this weird attachment thing where we claim everything as our own; from physical things, people, feelings, thoughts, emotions ... you name it, we claim it lol.

However, on the higher playing field, we are attached to nothing yet simultaneously connected to everything. We need no attachment because our spirit knows obsolete that we are whole, as we are one with all of Creation. We are nothing, yet we are everything.

A perspective I was reminded of recently was the purpose of our experiences. If they aren’t ours, then why do we experience them? Because earth is soul school.

We, as angelic beings of light, focussed ourselves into this physical vessel to be a portal of the light. The duty of light workers is precisely that we have these experiences in earth school, so we can heal the consciousness of that experience not only for ourselves, but for the collective.

As we remain present and take every experience as an opportunity to learn, heal and expand, we allow our souls light to emanate through us. In that moment we are portals to heavenly realms. But not only are we portals, we are angels anchoring in the reality of heaven itself on this earth plane.

What is your light here to heal?

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