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as my birthday creeps up on me...

As my birthday creeps up on me, I‘m deeply pulled within myself to reflect on where I’m at.

Definitely am I nowhere near where I thought I’d be on my 23rd birthday. Not even close to where I thought I’d be on the map. And that’s okay because I’m exactly where I’m meant to be.

I wish I was in a more ecstatic state, but actually I’m missing home more than I have this whole trip. Feeling more alone than I’d like to admit. But I know there is beauty, and much healing in this. A reminder to return to the home within myself I’ve connected so deeply to on this journey. And what a journey it’s been that’s led me to this here moment.

It’s a weird feeling though, turning a new age in a new place surrounded by entirely new people. A complete new sense of self emerging by the day. Nothing looks the same. Yet there’s a sense of familiarity. A place I so longed for is now right here in my lap. A dream I held so close to my heart finally manifest. And though it doesn’t look how I imagined it to right now, it is perfect. It is exactly as it’s meant to be and I’m honored to be fully present to its magnificence.

I’m open to the magic and abundance that is ready to ignite in my life in this next rotation around the sun. I’m beyond ready and excited to share more of my gifts with the world, and step deeper than ever into my mission and service.

Thank you for being here to witness my unfolding. I love you, I appreciate you. Namaste.

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