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Communing with Gaia

It’s important we gift ourselves these breaks to play and reconnect to spirit, mama Gaia and our own souls essence.

Personally I crave nature. Specifically the desert. I crave her colors. I crave the wide open space. I crave being enveloped by the harmonious breeze of mother Gaia’s loving embrace. I crave digging my hands in the dirt, lying my body on giant boulders made of crystal and rock. I crave wrapping my arms tight around a tree and stuffing my face in flowers. I crave communion with the wisdom of Gaia and dancing with the many spirit animals always gifting me precious reminders that spirit is forever all around us.

The rumors are true. Nature is healing. But she’s also much more than that. She’s activating. Her beauty acts as a mirror for us to realize more of ourselves through her natural reflection. If we can learn to open our eyes to see, and our hearts to feel, we’ll realize that every facet of this earthly experience is a teacher for us in one way or another.

So please. Gift yourself some time to play. Gaia is our souls playground. Set your inner child free. You’ll only awaken to more of your souls essence through her embrace.


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