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diving into the unknown

Diving into the unknown can be scary. But the moment I jumped, I remembered I was always meant to soar.

This move may have looked like the craziest thing I’ve done. Yet once I was committed, it felt like the most natural step I’ve ever taken.

It felt as if my very soul moved my feet every step forward. As if the universe blessed my path with countless synchronicities and support aligning perfectly with me to get me to this exact place.

As if this was written in the stars all along.

I know with every facet of my being I am meant to be here. I don’t even know why or how, I just know I am. There’s so much mystery still left to be unveiled on this journey. And yet, I walk with courage in every step knowing that wherever I am, it is exactly where I’m meant to be. Surrendered into the magic of Bali. Surrendered into my Self. Always, indefinitely, guiding me home.

I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart for following me on this sacred journey.

Much love & namaste

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