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embodying the mermaid

Once I learned to be the mermaid and deep dive into the shadows of the ocean within me, I no longer feared the darkness. For I could not know the fullness of my light without meeting its equal counterpart.

My depths complete me. For if I denied them, I’d be denying half of myself and I’d never find true wholeness. I’d be living out of fear. Rather than becoming the essence of unconditional love that is inherent in all things.

So I dive into the darkness and ask spirit to show me the places I often neglect to look at. I swim with fearless curiosity to meet those aspects of myself I left in the shadows.

The further I dive, the deeper my love light is anchored, until my infinite nature reveals itself once more. Eventually returning me to the inner kingdom of God and Goddess. And if I’m courageous enough to follow them - they take me to the zero point beyond duality. To the point before anything, where everything, exists as one.

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