endless field of possiblities

When the universe, or your intuition, is guiding you to see from a different perspective - do not ignore the signs because you’re too attached to the one perception that you thought was the best and only way.


We live in an ever flowing field of possibilities. Attaching yourself to one outcome, limits you from the abundance of possibilities that exist for you.


I want you to take a moment and really look at things you have manifested into your life. Now I want you to release for one moment your attachment to these. Open your mind to the signs you’ve received that you may have ignored.


Was there more to this manifestation? Was this really a lesson?


Really be honest with yourself. We all do this - Quickly jump head first into something that excites us, without fully grasping the entirety of what it was meant to be for us.


Personal example: I manifested an opportunity to experience something I’ve been dreaming of for awhile now. And of course it fell into my lap effortlessly. Though as perfect as it all seemed, intuitively I knew there was more under the service for me to unravel, lessons for me to learn. The signs were all there, but I chose to ignore them because the offer was just so good, I didn’t want to let it go. I attached myself to it quickly, without allowing myself to see the whole picture.


Why? Because it was calling me even deeper into my own self reliance. It was calling me to detach from my habit of relying on others to experience the things I wish to experience. Rather than fully committing to my Self, and believing I am worthy and capable enough to make my own dreams my reality.


Trust yourself. Trust the signs. They’re all guiding you deeper into your highest embodiment of Self.


Believe you are capable and worthy of experiencing the absolute best life you can imagine for yourself. And then some!


Life only challenges us for our own personal growth and expansion.


You are divinely supported, my love. Honor your heart, listen to your inner guidance, and stand strong in your truth. Miracles will appear for you. I promise you this.

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