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every moment is a call to love more

Every moment is a call to LOVE MORE.

Yes - even in the moments of pain, sorrow, guilt, annoyance, judgement, rage

Those moments especially, the pathway is open for you to choose unconditional love - for yourself, and every soul involved.

Of course we all have these moments and sometimes we need to let it out, but I encourage you to try and remain present, take some deep breaths, and really ask yourself if it’s worth hurting yourself or others because you’ve lost your mind in an upset fit.

These moments challenge us to see how committed we are to this path and the longer we allow ourselves to remain in these places, the longer we withhold ourself from recognizing and embracing the beauty in every moment, and the lessons being revealed to us for our personal growth and expansion.

And also be aware that you are a light, whether you see it yet or not, you are. And you affect those around you. Do you really wish to teach others to act with rage? Or do you wish to be the light to rise everyone up in love? The choice is yours.

Choose a life run by your mind, and you’ll always be running in circles.

The journey into your heart is the most exhilarating, fulfilling path a soul can embark on.

This is my purpose. To empower myself, and the world to enter into their heart.

Yes, it’s scary to open yourself up to the world. Many of us have been hurt or betrayed so we’re scared to be vulnerable again, but it’s when we embrace our weaknesses we transform them into our strengths.

All the heart wants is to be heard, to be felt, and to guide you on the most beautiful journey to your highest self.

Why choose any moment later than the moment right now to dive dive into that?

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