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everything as our teacher

Every experience, every facet of our being, is a teacher in it’s own unique way. Each serves a purpose.

Lately I’ve really had to face the aspect of my self that fears change. I perceive her as my smaller/lower self. It’s funny how real it can feel at times when really, change is the only constant. But you see, we’re multidimensional beings. So as real as one aspect may feel in a moment, my higher self is just as present, if not more.

Our true Self (our Soul) is all knowing; existing and guiding from our highest Source. Then we have these lowers selves/aspects that make up our ego and/personality. Which, let me clarify, are by no means bad; sometimes they just need upgrading.

Many of us have an aspect of self that likes to play small. Trapped in an illusion of fear, this self often feels unworthy, insecure, and incapable of being anything more than it’s been. Simultaneously, our higher self, who we are one with, is always more. Even if it feels impossible or out of reach, it continues to call us to dream bigger. To have new experiences, and expand with the quantum fabric that we are and that makes up this seemingly ‘physical' reality. It’s amazing how difficult it can be to trust this higher aspect of Self when indeed it is the exact force that makes all things reality.

The point I want to make though, is that as seemingly separate as these various aspects may seem, they all serve a purpose in the expansion of our soul and our purpose in this life. All, in their own way, guide us to remember wholeness. To realize the divinity in every facet of our being; every facet of all life, really. That’s where the magic is.

Until we heal our wounds, honor the inner child, look at our insecurities, whatever it is these aspects are guiding us to, they will hold weight. Though through our realization and acceptance of them, we lift them up into union with our highest self. Anchoring in our divinity into this now moment.

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