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falling in love with the process

What a beautiful ride this life is, truly. Though it may at times seem unfair and painful, we were chosen to be here at this time. Why? Because we hold within our hearts a light so profound, we were chosen to return this light to earth. We go through turbulent times to unravel, break and tear us open to create the space within us to anchor more of our heavenly light in. As we surrender to this divine unfolding, we not only heal and raise ourselves to a new level of consciousness, but we heal and raise the collective consciousness.

Our mission is to remain fully present to this grand undoing and return to self. To be present to the experiences we have to witness the magic they are. Consciously we may not always choose what we experience, but we were chosen to experience it for some divine reason and by accepting that we find there is a peace in this grand orchestration. A wild and emotional one it is, but it is divine love itself dancing its way through life to rearrange the chaos back to its most natural state that is peace. A peace that never left, though it may have seemed to remain hidden in the undercurrent as the surface was shaken and torn apart for the beauty underneath to be revealed once again.

With this awareness may we all find a little more faith in the process as we witness through the eye of our hearts the perfection of our lives. Stop blaming yourself, and instead love yourself so unconditionally you can’t help but fall in love with your life and all those who pass through it.

You are so supported, brave soul. You are so loved and so capable of loving unconditionally. Allow that to be so.

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