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finding wholeness through shadow work

With my moon in Scorpio, diving deep into my shadows is a natural gift of mine.

With time and much patience, I learned to be the mermaid. Swimming gracefully, with much ferocity, into the abyss of my emotional waters. Learning to breathe underwater, despite the pressure and pain that dwells in my depths. Alchemically cultivating peace through transmutation and acceptance of all aspects of myself, light and dark, that make up my entirety.

As we open our minds to new worlds within, a new one (5D & beyond) is anchored into this earthly plane for all to remember their sovereign truth. The more we come into ourselves, our wholeness, with love and compassion, the more we show others it’s safe to do the same.

When our inner worlds awaken, so too does our outer. As above, so below.

This is our work, beloved. Sat Nam.

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