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flying over a white dream

Flying over a white dream. The clouds are spilling over the mountain tops. The ocean teasing the eyes. Everything is so bright, I feel like I’m in heaven.

February 8th, 2019 ETA 5:22am Current time 4:25am

This really is surreal. As a 14 hour flight comes to it’s landing, I’m realizing how much this really hasn’t set in yet. Am I actually doing this? I’m actually on a plane, all by myself, in an entirely new country I’ve never been to. About to get off, only to board another plane, then land in a place I’ve only dreamt of.

Before I walked through the gate to TSA, I lightened my backpack of a book and a notebook I was almost finished filling up. My mom wanted to walk me as far as she could. Before handing her the notebook with the words written, manifesting this exact trip, countless deaths and rebirths to get me to this very moment, I turned to one page I actually opened to just the day before randomly. It was a channeled message from my higher self. A reminder that her guidance is ever present. Always guiding me deeper into my own truths. Pulling me through my many limiting beliefs, breaking through fears and self doubt, and setting me softly in this very seat now. Always and forever, my true guiding light.

I know this presence is with everyone. I am not special in this sense. The only difference that separates me from the masses is that I’ve learned to listen to it, and follow it’s loving call forwards. Yeah I had to take many breaks along the way. Pauses to return to my breath. To break down and shed the many layers of self imposing fears and doubts. To let go of the heavy weight I allowed to hold me down for so long, to free myself to rise higher and higher within my very self.

The biggest gift I realized was that this freedom was always mine. It wasn’t so much about gaining anything, but rather, letting go of anything and everything that isn’t my truth. Returning to my center of ever present grace. A loving embrace so vivid it envelopes you in a single breath. Reminding me that this love has always, and will always be within and around me. Guiding me back to my truest Self, that I am. The I am that you are as well.

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