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four elements come together

Four elements come together 3 sistars, 1 brother Activating one another Through our essence we mirror

Throat chakras open to express Our souls truth and nothing less Grounded to the earth As we died for our rebirth Cleansed by the waters Healing ourself, as well as others We walk with courage into the fire As we burn to shine brighter The wind blows under our wings As we rise and soar and sing The song of truth for all We ask you to sing along Feel the rhythm of your heart Hold yourself and take off

Our time is now And to you dear soul, I vow To stand tall in my fire And flow like water To remain grounded in my knowing As I lift myself higher My breath as my life force Abundant as our one source

I am here now, and not alone My starseed family I have found Together on mission Through our hearts we listen To the whispers of our souls Aligned to our goals Making music with crystal bowls Singing our truth with clear vocals Healing through our hands Focused on the greater plan

We are not alone in this mission Benevolent beings surround and listen To the collective hearts cries We’re here now, open your mind There’s a better way of existing Less logic, more feeling Witness the infinite within you Expressing love, support, and light too All is here for you Open your heart and let it through Embrace the elements that you are Soon you’ll remember you’re the star

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