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Freedom🌿It is not some destination to strive to arrive at one day. It is not an idea or person or dream. It is our truth. Ours to claim in each living moment. Residing within each breath.

Often we hold ourselves back from experiencing the freedom and joy we so long for because we’re so accustomed to holding on to history and the stories we tell ourselves. By learning to open to the wide open sky and say I don’t need this pain anymore, we enter back into our intended state of freedom.

We let go and surrender into an abyss of our own self love. Our wings open and we remember to fly. We transcend the old as the wind lifts us with grace.

One breath at a time we return to the harmonics of our soul. The words spill off our tongue and the song of truth is sung once again. Echoing into the unified field of oneness we exist together in as one.

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