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how did I get here?

poem from the dream state

How did I get here?


Well... I fell I fell deep into the abyss of my own beingness And as I gave my everything to climb out of a hole of my own creation I found myself But not the self I once knew myself as I found something much brighter Much more loving and wise Nurturing and vulnerable Powerful and full of peace

This became my guiding light

I was curious to know the source of this light So I dove deeper and listened more I realized this light that seemed so far out of reach Was actually what my very hands were made of

A force of unconditional love and light that all life emanates from Through my seeking I met my soul A fractal of this omnipresent force Guiding me on a unique journey full of learning and expansion Reminding me the beauty of play and sensual dance She showed me who I came here to be and held me as we burned away all that did not serve me

As my avatar cried and mourned she sat with stillness and compassion Patiently witnessing me bloom into all I came here to be She laughs in my moments of forgetfulness Often gifting me a soft push off the edge of my comfort zone

Forced to trust in this aspect always calling me to expand farther I bump around a lot I forget I feel lost Alone Broken But I can’t deny this courage I found in my heart so long ago That always encouraged me to never give up That always inspired me to dream and to leap faithfully into new realities of my own creation

I was always meant to dream because my dreams are part of my mission My dreams are my medicine to the earth To the collective

As I healed and made peace with all the aspects of me that once kept me small My light grew brighter and my love became unconditional I found home within myself a vast terrain of beautiful potential

Surrender to your own benevolent guide Trust in the free fall because it will be your own self your own souls light that picks you up and teaches you to fly

Be free dear soul You have so much more to explore

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