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if I can, so can you

Many of you may not know this, but I just about lived the same day on repeat for a good few years of my life. I was crippled by the thought of change. Trapped in a self made prison I call my comfort zone.

I lived through my imagination. Always dreaming of where I’d once be, yet scared to do anything about it. One day I’d get the courage to step beyond the familiar. Each time getting a little further. But the moment everything around me began changing, I’d run back to where I knew it was safe. Getting

Eventually the day came I got a big kick in the right direction. We got news our landlord would be selling our house, which meant it was time to be on my own. I began searching around, yet no place felt like home. I knew in my heart I’ve always wanted to go to Bali, and it almost happened once, but not in the right circumstances. This was meant to be a solo journey. I didn’t know why, and I didn’t always wish for that to be so, but in my heart I knew it was.

So I decided. I bought a one way ticket to Bali, and I swear miracles appeared before me. Opportunities to sell my jewelry ( @soulessence_co ) opened up every which way. Customers flooded in. Support through family and friends fell into my lap. I couldn’t be more grateful for the miracles that happened from the moment I made the decision to leap.

I share this because if I could make this happen for myself, you can too.

I’m not rolling in cash and living the most luxurious life, but I’m living good. I was able to save enough money DOING WHAT I LOVE to live comfortably for a little while, until I get to work on my next project. That’s really my biggest message with this.

I made the decision that the only ‘work’ I’d ever do must be aligned to my truth. I’m here with a purpose, to bring light into this world, and supporting a business or person that didn’t speak to my soul - I put my foot down and said no. And instead, said YES to my Self. That was the moment the universe lit up in ecstasy and paved the way for me.

This path isn’t for everyone, as it’s unique for each and every one of us, but this is my journey and I only hope I can ignite some light onto your own.

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