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imprints from the womb

From the moment we are in the womb, we are being imprinted energetically by our environment. Some of which are traumas passed down through our lineage, or directly from our parents. Until cleared, these traumas will remain in the subconscious and play out through out our life until we are ready to face and heal them.

Often we come to that place through events that trigger these deep seeded emotions and pains. Personally, I believe we make agreements before entering the physical realm with other souls to play out certain scenes to trigger these wounds within one another for the purpose of healing and transcending into a higher state of consciousness. Often these agreements include that one or both parties will project our pain onto the other, or our direct reality for the sole purpose of seeing them so we can then recognize the patterns playing out and make proper adjustments to align back to our souls true essence.

In the quantum realm, all is neutral. It is only our human perception who judges one expression of consciousness as better or worse than another. Also, from the quantum perspective, we are all expressions of the same source. I am you, and you are me. However, we agreed to drop into this 3D reality, which inherently meant we would experience a full spectrum of consciousness, density and duality. Which is beautiful. But the potential to return to our pure state is always available by simply returning fully to the present moment and consciously letting go of all that does not serve us in our souls ascension.

In the higher realms, from which we we came, there is no separation, no pain, no confusion. All is pure unconditional love light, our true essence, that resides in the stillness of our heart; our connection to the quantum field, the zero point in which all life emanates from. So to experience all that we do in this human experience is truly a blessing. There was no blueprint as to how to be a ‘perfect’ human, except that all is inherently perfect as all is source energy playing with itself in a quantum field of potential.

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