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in the observer seat

Have you ever noticed how stories are the glue that hold our awareness in this present reality? Without these stories, beliefs and ideas of inner standing - reality would not make sense to us. There are some that are supportive to our existence, but many are not.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been witnessing as the observer much more often lately. These stories I watch tell themselves, no longer hold weight like they used to. I acknowledge them, but it’s like I’m reprogramming them as they scan through me. They come up, I observe, then reprogram with codes of light and truth.

For example, I watched this thought creep in my mind that I’ll run out of content. That one day there won’t be anymore words to write. That I’ll hit a wall and no longer be able to help others through my service. As if the flow of creative life force energy is finite. As if my growth and awareness has a ceiling I cannot surpass. A story focused in lack.

So I guide it, like I would a child, to see that life is abundant in all ways. From the air we breathe, to the life force energy pulsing through every facet of existence, to the ocean of unconditional love we eternally bathe in. We are abundant.

The deeper we remember this truth, the more effortlessly we can retrain our mind to realize it in every experience we have. Because even if it may not look, or feel, obvious at first, truth always remains at the core essence of every possible reality.

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