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lets rise together; balanced & whole

It’s no secret now that the Divine Feminine has risen, and women are stepping into their power once again. But the Divine Masculine is rising again too.

And I feel like this is calling us into a new period where we’re being called to find balance within ourselves of our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.


The healthy mature MASCULINE is deeply present, holds space, witnesses without judgement, creates safety, is on purpose and has integrity and awareness.


The healthy mature FEMININE flows, surrenders, is playful, vulnerable, compassionate, authentic and intuitive.


When we work on creating an inner union with our own masculine and feminine, we feel a greater sense of wholeness as an individual.


How I've see this play out with woman specifically is that we naturally attract a strong masculine counterpart to reflect back to us our own masculine essence, but often we become attached to our men, and neglect to recognize they’re meant to be subtle reminders of what we carry within ourselves. Not to become attached, but to free us from our attachments altogether.


When it’s time for us to step further into our wholeness within ourselves, many of us are pulled away from our masculine counterparts for this exact reason. To be with ourselves and realize we have everything we need within ourselves.


We don’t need anyone to remind us of this anymore. We now need to embody both our divine masculine and feminine to step into our highest truth, in turn allowing men to step deeper into their feminine essence and find balance of the two divinities within themselves. Because I believe for the Divine Masculine to rise, they must be in touch with their feminine essence as well. Rather than us relying on them to always remain in their masculine.


So we rise as a collective balanced and whole. And from here can compassionately work with and understand our divine counterparts and help one another rise in grace and unity.


We’re all in this together.

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