letting go

Why is something so uncomfortable as letting go, something we’re called to do so often?

We’re here in this physical reality to have a physical experience, though don’t be disillusioned by the realness of this world. We are so much more than this sacred vessel we call our body.


We are Spirit having a human experience. An infinite stream of conscious energy that is free with no boundaries; is attached to nothing, yet connected to everything.


Coming to oneness with this presence energy is commonly known as Self Awakening / Self Realization. Something many of us have been, or are now stepping into.


If you’re reading this, you’re on this path. Whether you’re aware of it or not. Something led you here. So allow me to walk this path with you, so you know you are not alone.


One of the hardest parts about this awakening process is the part when we have to let go of all that we once knew.


Friends start slipping away one by one

Relationships fail

Careers hit a wall

Our whole understanding of who we once thought we were, completely collapses in on itself


And all we can do is let go. Surrender to the process.

Allow things to flow in and out of our live