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life is a series of adjustments

Life is a series of adjustments🌀

As we evolve within a society full of contrast, we continuously adjust to what feels most in alignment with our true self. Assuming that some adjustments are further/closer from ones true alignment than others. But what if all is guiding us deeper into our true selves? What if each adjustment, whether seemingly closer or farther, is always our souls unique path to fulfillment?

Meaning we can never make a wrong turn because each direction can inspire a new level of awareness into being. Each teaches us something, adjusting us to realize more of ourselves through continuous opportunities and experiences.

All serves a purpose; I believe this to the core of my being. All is made of the conscious loving fabric all life stems from. Each experience merely an exploration of the soul. A journey of source energy, endlessly embarking within itself. All is divine, because it can be nothing but.

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