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love affair with crystals

Crystals to me are my safe haven. They show me the fragility in hardness. Beauty in the pressures of this time space reality. They bring me back to oneness with Gaia. Reflecting the light of the stars, reminding me of the many forces forever entangled with us, supporting our highest good.

Crystals brought me home to myself. They held me like a dear friend, comforting me through their compassionate energy. Piercing through my egoic tendencies, holding space for me as I dove into the places of myself I avoided for so long. They showed me the way to heal myself from the inside out.

They offered me courage to step beyond known reality, into a creation of my own. And they can do the same for you, if you allow them to.

My greatest joy comes from bringing a creation into form specific to ones personal needs in this now moment. Being a channel, it’s an honor to allow spirit to inspire through me medicine for others.

When you are ready to open to a new level of self through the activation of Soulessence, I am here for you.

Message me to get started.

Or visit to see more.

I love you. I honor you. Namaste.

Custom bracelets start at $40 ** Mala necklaces start at $222

Instagram: @starlynjade (personal) @soulessence_co (jewelry)

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