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mapping our emotions

The uncomfortable waves continue to flood my reality.

Fears grip my ankles as I strive to leap from my comfort. Lovers playing with my heart, challenging my commitment to honor my relationship with Self above all else. External security teasing me from every direction, as I continue to work on embodying security and wholeness from within.

When these waves crash down on me, I dive into them. I ask them their purpose to unravel the illusory fog they bring, clouding my mind from my truth.

Below is a map I personally guide myself through when I find myself overwhelmed by emotion. I hope this helps.


When I feel BETRAYED 👉🏼 I was never meant to rely on them for support anyways. They also have free will to live as they choose. THEY are NOT the source of my happiness and fulfillment. I AM.

ABANDONED 👉🏼 I am never truly alone. I am WHOLE and COMPLETE as I am.

LEFT IN THE DARK 👉🏼 Stop taking anothers distance personal. You have no idea what kind of internal struggle they are dealing with. And even those whose struggle you are aware of, you know it’s their own internal struggle. Their lack of communication reflects their struggle to have open communication with themselves.

Feeling like there’s something WRONG WITH ME👉🏼 I am perfect as I am. I AM ENOUGH. I don’t need another to confirm that.

LACK OF LOVE 👉🏼 All I am is love. It’s the fabric that all life emanates from. Lack of love is merely illusion. Come back to the heart and remember.

FINANCIAL LACK 👉🏼 Abundance is my truth. Open yourself to realize the abundance that surrounds you. From the air in your lungs, to the ocean before you.

OVERALL OVERWHELM 👉🏼 You are exactly where you’re meant to be, or else you wouldn’t be here. Whatever you are purging is making space for the new light coming into your body. You are a child of the universe. You are supported beyond what the mind can perceive. Return to your heart and remember this to be so.

May this act as a map to help you unravel any emotions arising for you in these times of transition.

All my love, Star

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