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my beautiful Divine Masculine reflections

Spirit continues to bless my life with the most beautiful divine masculine reflections. Holding the deepest presence for me to remember my divinity and rise to even greater heights within myself.

Each connection is so pure and true, I can’t help but love unconditionally. A love so natural and effortless, it’s truly freeing. I can’t even try and think to put it in a box or label it as anything other than true soul recognition and love. Like hey, hi. Thank you for colliding back into my life right here at this incredibly pivotal moment in my life. Thank you for sharing your medicine with me as well as every other being I witness you share your essence with. Thank you for holding space for me to open to my gifts, and share my own medicine with the world. Thank you for doing the work within yourself to be able to witness the totality of who I am with true reverence and honor.

I cannot thank these souls enough. You’re such a light in my life and each of you has ignited a fire within me that I will forever cherish and use as fuel to step deeper into my souls service.

I honor you. I love you. I see you. Thank you for being here again with me at this time🌀✨

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