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my home coming to my most authentic self

This journey for me has been a continuous return to my most authentic self as I release and transform the many aspects that do not ring true to my soul.

In this return came a love for self I cannot put into words; a total acceptance of my multidimensionality. I made peace with my shadows, and the many parts of myself I hide from the world. I found acceptance for my crazy. And empowerment, as I whole heartedly own my wildly spirited, sensually erotic nature. In this return I’m welcomed by a freedom that feels more home than anything I’ve felt prior.

I share myself so freely and openly, because this freedom is our birthright. Our truth. We were never meant to conform to out dated rules and systems. We were meant to learn from them, to later transcend them to come home to our most authentic self to inspire the world to rise once more to our highest light.

Yes, it is a process. Nothing changes overnight, just as people’s beliefs take time to unravel. And that’s okay. Every bit of resistance, every moment of confusion and disarray, holds within it wisdom fueling the rise of consciousness.

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