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my soul a patient guide

This life for me feels like my soul is a patient guide. With me, guiding me, every step of the way. Sometimes I’m naive to her presence. Other times, we walk hand in hand. She is me; the real me. However I chose to incarnate into this avatar to learn certain lessons and live out a specific mission. It’s taken me a little while, but I knew I’d get to this place.

A few days before this I left, I scanned through an almost finished notebook and turned to a page I had written a while back. It was about who the entity of Starlyn really is. How she’s something beyond this world. A fractal of light so bright, my eyes cannot even begin to perceive yet. Slowly but surely I’m adjusting.

She guided me on this trip. I’ve still yet to determine why. And honestly, the why may not reveal itself for years. I’m only here to enjoy the journey. To surrender into her wild embrace and allow myself to let go into all I came here to be.

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