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no filters. just me. real and raw.

Appreciating myself without filters. No edits. Barely a touch of makeup. Just me. The real raw me.

I’m devoting myself to living authentically in every facet of my life. For awhile I was embarrassed to share a post as raw as this. No filter. The little bit of concealer melting off my face. Skin breaking out slightly....

The moment I took this photo I fell deep into my shadows. I was horrified. All I saw were my imperfections. I threw my phone away and didn’t look at it until the other night after sitting with myself and all that had come up from this moment.

I forced myself to accept the hypocrisy of preaching authenticity yet trapped behind the fear of sharing myself without these filters (whose sole intention is to make us look and feel better) if we aren’t beautiful as we are. And don’t get me wrong, when used appropriately, filters are totally fine. You do you. I love making art out of photos. But at some point I had to get real with myself... was I only enhancing features that were easy to like because I was insecure about the ones that weren’t? Why couldn’t I accept myself as I am in the real world? There are no filters in the real world. It’s just you. The real you. And the real you is perfect.

You see, every electron of your being emanates the essence of your soul. You are the divine in hue-man form. A fractal of the true I am presence. God/Goddess, Source, the Universe focussed into a single awareness to experience itself.

The moment we accept this at the deepest, deepest level, that’s when we really fall in love with ourselves and our life reveals to us even more to love.

Will you dive into your shadows with me and allow yourself to see the light in all that you believe isn’t worthy of your unconditional love?

Thank you for being here. I love you.

Happy Valentines Day🌹♥️

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