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nobody gave us a roadmap

every experience is divine in its own right. from the most obvious soul expanding, breath taking moments of bliss and sweet ecstasy. to the most heart breaking, confusing and flat out disrespectful. each somehow guides me that much deeper into myself. where i’m met every time by my souls purest light. forever singing the song of unconditional love and unity.

no it’s not always necessary to throw myself directly into the lions den to learn an important lesson, but sometimes I do. and I’m not ashamed to admit that.

my ego is stubborn as shit, but she’s learning.

sometimes she learns through listening to her intuition, or her higher self’s initial guidance. jumping around timelines to upload the necessary codes to ascend herself higher.

other times her ego masks itself as the soul, yelling over any wisdom of the heart to the point where it does take her having to put herself in the most absurd of situations to slap her back into her truth.

what can I say, I’m human. this time around…

nobody gave us a map when we came down here. nobody has it all figured out. and if they act like they do, please do yourself the service of walking your own path. tune into your truth then make the necessary adjustments. we all have a guiding light sitting just behind our chest bone. let that guide you home.

i love you all. thank you for your support. I’m honored to share my journey, no matter how messy it gets. we’re all in this together. namaste.

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