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oracle reading 4.13.19

Oracle cards have bee my rock throughout my awakening. Anyone close to me knows how much I love my precious cards😅 and it’s always a pleasure to share their wisdom with others.

Oracle cards are different from tarot cards. In the most simplest terms, they’re channeled messages from the Divine. Each holding within it a certain frequency that connects to your own energy field to bring forth to you that which you need. They can be used to bring you back to your truth so you can continue forward with more clarity in your mind and peace in your heart.

This was my layout this rising and I felt called to share it with you all as I feel its energy extends out for many of us at this time. So if you feel resonance, I encourage you read their messages below.

Inner Trust - “You know what you are doing!” Trust in the intuitive nudges you feel, regardless of how it looks from the outside, or others opinions. You know in your heart what is true. Trust yourself. This is not a time for self doubt or playing small.

Release the Dark Wound Let Love In - Let go of the death grip of perfectionism, a dark wound in the consciousness of humanity. Let yourself and your ideas live before stifling their creative life force by focusing too much on the end goal, rather than enjoying the process. Honor the path of your own love, your own inspiration, your own excitement. Do not lose your work to fear. Allow it to be what it is. Only time, love, patience and attention will reveal it.

Visions of Life Beyond Death - Sacred vision is awakening within you, blessing you with the ability to see what is real rather than what appears to be. The gift of genuine vision takes you into the being of the universal creator. It is sacred terrrain, beyond logic and that which is limited. The clearer your vision, the more love you will feel and recognize. The vision of love, the truth of all that is, moves us more than anything can. Your ability to be inspired and see the light in all things is unfolding. Nourish this gift in your heart. If you have been feeling energy building but are waiting for that clear inspiration, then trust the vision is coming to you. You will know when to act.

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