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personal seasons

Most the time I find clarity and healing for whatever I’m going through in the moment through my writing. Other times I channel a message to prepare me for what I’m about to go through. Recently I shared a post about the ever changing seasons within and around us as natural progressions of growth.

I was fresh out of summer, coming into fall, yet wanting so badly to hold onto the potent creative energy of summer. Now I’m clearly at the end of a winter season preparing for spring, laughing at myself at how I neglected to remain aware of my cyclical nature.

As a collective we’re fresh into fall; probably my favorite season of them all. There’s something so serene about the leaves changing colors and falling through the crisp air. Ahhh I feel like I can breathe in fall and overall am just feel happier.🍂

A perfect propeller for me to take even more advantage of my upcoming inner shift into spring. A time where ideas and creative energy begin blossoming. I find new clarity and personal empowerment to advance on my goals and projects. New life emerges from the recycled space of what was just released or died. ⠀⠀⠀ Hone in on the energies guiding you at this time. 🌷🌞🍂❄️ Where in your own personal season do you feel you are? I want to hear below👇🏼😇 ⠀⠀⠀⠀ Photo Credit: My angel of a cousin👸🏼 Tessa Borisy

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