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recognizing the beauty in all

‘Let us embrace what the universe sends as if it has come from our own heart’

These words struck me deep as I read them. They reminded me of something I try and practice regularly, which is perceiving life from the perspective that every experience I have, my soul volunteered for it for some divine purpose. Some reason I may never understand.

What grace that brings to life. A peace that envelopes you in the moment, knowing that all that is presented to you is love. Washing over and through you from the loving genius of life itself. The genius that you are eternally one with.

As we accept this truth, we flow more effortlessly with life. It gifts us the space to recognize the beauty in all that wishes to shower upon us. No matter how it may appear, it is a blessing from the loving genius of life itself. Trust in that and witness the perfection that is your life. All is only ever guiding you home.

@ Tibumana waterfall

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