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remembering through the eyes of others

I sat observing V the other night. Watching as he tried so hard to read me. A natural gift he has with people, yet for some reason he can’t wrap his mind around how with me there’s nothing. As if my field is clear. No chaos or confusion. Just peace. A flowing grace that emanates from within and around me. A sense of power I’ve worked so hard to return to, is finally being witnessed and felt.

My dear sister, Aoife, also gifted me with her observation of my energy. She called it spherical. She sees the wholeness in all that I do. The purpose behind everything I say. The meaning behind everything I wear. It’s true. I really live my life on purpose. I’m not perfect by any means, but I have found a deep wisdom in my bones I refuse to deny.

As she shared these words with me I saw myself as a Crystal Quartz sphere. Strong, yet delicate. Powerful and ancient. Wise and mysterious. I saw myself as the goddess I’ve dreamt so long of becoming.

I don’t share this to feed my ego, but to honor myself and how far I’ve came. I share my journey to inspire others to dive deeper into their own soul’s essence to remember the song of truth once more.

With deep love & reverence, namaste

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