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returning to my own self love

A beautiful soul asked me the other night “How are you so beautiful”

Naturally we’re conditioned to push away a compliment like that. Deny our beauty, or throw it right back on the person giving the compliment. Well, I didn’t let myself do that. I really tuned into this answer because I finally do see my beauty and I believe we’ve gone on too long denying the divine holiness we each are in our own unique ways.

So my answer:

"Because for most my life I denied my beauty. I did everything I could to make myself feel beautiful while simultaneously continuing to find more things to complain about. I created my own living hell. Until one day I realized there’s something within me keeping me alive. Something that is always guiding me to become better, to see the beauty in myself, to love myself because it loves me so unconditionally it wants me to experience that kind of love for myself.

My beauty is recognized because even if I can’t always see it myself I’ve surrendered to the light within me to guide me. To emanate through me to awaken the sovereign divine light within all beings through the reflection that is me. I can no longer deny my beauty because I know the truest aspect of me is the most beautiful, powerful, omniscient Sophia Christ light. She is a holograph projection of the Source that all life stems from.

How can you not accept your beauty when you know that’s what you’re made of? And not just me, but all of life. When you meet this aspect of your self, you see your self in everything and everyone, whether it’s obvious or not. It becomes a gift for you to then be a divine mirror to remind others to remember their true self. It forces you to step into your power, embody your divinity, then be seen because one by one we guide one another home."

I am beautiful and I embody this love for my Self to hopefully inspire you to remember your own sovereign divinity through the reflection that is me.

I honor you. I love you. Namaste

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