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Riding the Waves of our Personal Ascension

It’s easy to get excited when riding the wave of your own ascension. We want the momentum to keep building and never stop. And maybe it doesn’t stop, but it surely can subside as all of life moves with a natural current of ebb and flow.

With today’s ‘hustler’ mentality, it’s easy to get caught up in the belief that we must always be DOING to be successful. When in all honesty, the real gift is in BEING. When you allow yourself to be fully present to each moment, you connect to the silence underneath all the noise. Your nervous system relaxes and you sink into yourself.

Yeah, some days I’m called to write, or make jewelry, for hours on end. Other days I’m called to completely disconnect from the world, and recharge somewhere in nature. Some days I even treat myself to a massage, or a pool day and maybe even spend some time laying on the rug doing absolutely nothing.

Wherever I’m called to, I trust that’s exactly where I’m meant to be. Because if I wasn’t meant to be there, I wouldn’t be.

It takes patience and a willingness to go against the grain of everything we’ve been taught, but I’ll say this - the more you learn to listen to the voice that feels like it actually has your best interest at heart, the easier life will flow and the quicker you’ll see results to what you’ve been striving so hard for.

I love you all. Let this be the sign you’ve been waiting for. Give yourself that break to connect back to YOU.


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