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rising like the pheonix

It’s so empowering when you find yourself in the place where you’re ready to say to your pain, “No, I’ve healed you. We’ve already overcame this. We’re too strong and too wise to go back to that old narrative. Thank you for what you taught me, but I’m moving forward now. I love you. I release you.” And I come back to myself embodied and whole.

These last few weeks put me through the fucking ringer. I watched my heart get broken time after time. But it quickly became clear to me that the pain I was experiencing was so much deeper than what my current reality was triggering. As if my current reality was a knife digging into the still open wounds of my inner child. The same narratives my parents so chaotically played out, were happening all over again.

Core wounds of abandonment, betrayal, codependency, addiction, alcoholism, dishonesty, the list goes on... I felt the sting of it all. I felt broken. Empty. Alone. Scared. Hopeless.

Yet I couldn’t deny my inner knowing that everything that was erupting within and around me, was HAPPENING FOR ME. My inner child needed me to go to the depths of these places so I could finally heal these wounds because my soul is ready for me to step into a whole new level of self.

It was absolutely heart breaking in every sense of the word. But it was exactly what I needed to remember my warrior spirit. To remember I came here with a purpose. To anchor light and help raise the consciousness of the planet. I chose to be here. And so I lovingly accept my mission. And like the Phoenix, I rise once again from the ashes. Wiser, brighter and more powerful than ever.

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