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sacredness of our moon cycle

To all my ladies out there //

What if I told you our PERIODS are something to be worshipped, not hated?

What if instead of it being something we dread, it be something we HONOR?

Recently I’ve dove into a whole new relationship with my MOON cycle (Period, menstrual cycle, whatever floats your boat:) Growing up, I remember I wanted my period so badly I would steal my mom’s tampons and sneak them to school, hoping my anticipation would speed things up.

And once I finally did, boy was I ecstatic.

Though it wasn’t long before the excitement ended, and I hated it.

And looking back now I only did so bc that was the “cool” thing to do.

But why?

Why are we taught that something so precious as our welcoming into womanhood, is nothing more than a hassle, gross, and painful?

Why do we shame women for our bodies natural occurrences that all life would cease to exist without!?

Yeah, I get it’s blood, and that’s not everyone’s “forte”. But this blood is what gives us life, and it is the blood that would birth new life if conception occurred.

This blood so many fear and hate is SACRED.

Our womb is SACRED - our very gate into this world !! How can we condemn something that precious?

I actually look forward to my period now bc I know how truly sacred and powerful this precious time is.

We’re more intuitive, sensitive and powerful during our cycles.

It is our time for introspection

Time for releasing what needs to be released, healing what needs to be healed, and welcoming in what our heart desires.

Hear me when I say - the state of our womb reflects the state of our life.

When the womb is honoured and respected, we become a channel of power, creativity and beauty.

When her voice goes unheard, unanswered and denied, the womb becomes a vessel of disease.

I believe that for the world to heal - women must heal.

And it starts with YOU!

For we are ONE

I encourage you to welcome and honor this time for yourself.

Allow yourself time and space to just BE with yourself

To feel and listen to your body

Take deep breaths into your womb space

Release what needs to be released

Set intentions

Honor the divine miracle that YOU ARE

Much love & happy healing sistar


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