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self love - the key to unlocking our highest potential

Along our spiritual journey, SELF LOVE is not to be underestimated in any way. As I believe it is the key to unlocking our highest potential.

When you truly commit to falling in deep devotional love with yourself, you tap into & align with the aspect of you that loves you unconditionally. The you that knows your magnificence. That knows the truest essence of you. That knows your highest potential. That knows your divine purpose / dharma in this life. That knows the path your soul chose to walk in this life to find true fulfillment, while illuminating the hearts of all those you’re meant to help along the way as you embody your unique light.

Unconditionally loving thy self is truly the key to awaken the most incredible aspect of yourself.

I can’t say this is an easy task. Nor does it happen over night. It’s a journey. One of surrender & commitment. A deep remembering of who you truly are beyond this physical vessel.

This kind of self love requires you to tune in; listen to your body, to your heart. It requires you tend to your sacred vessel and take time for your Self. It asks you let go of anything / anyone that doesn’t align with your highest good. It requires you find faith when you’re guided beyond your comfort zone, and surrender to the unknown. It asks you cultivate patience with yourself, and allow grace to guide your journey.

And most importantly - you must TRUST your Self. BELIEVE you are worthy & capable of fulfilling a purpose so perfectly designed for YOU.

It’s taken me awhile to whole heartedly surrender to my inner calling because honestly it was hard to believe I was truly up to the task. But the more I surrender, the more I am guided back to my knowing of who I am and who I’m meant to be in this life and that purpose is so much bigger than any fear that may hold me back.

I invite you to return to your innermost self. Allow the light within you to illuminate your path. Listen to what your heart is whispering (or yelling) to you.

Believe in yourself. You truly are as incredible as your soul is always encouraging you to remember. In fact, you’re so much more. Just TRUST

Namaste brave soul

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