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sisters of our ancestors

An ancient wisdom emanates from the depths of women when we come together in union. Our hearts open, pussies smile, and our souls dance in an ecstatic trance. We begin to remember our ancestors and the ancient knowledge that dripped from their lips. Magick conjured through sacred practices by our grandmothers of past generations re-emerges. The wisdom in our wombs sing as we bring our attention within. We embody the strength of our vulnerability as we share our deepest traumas. This is true sisterhood. An intimacy engrained in our DNA.

Most of my life, I struggled to keep female friends in my life. I would distance myself from healthy women for no other reason than fear and a silent belief that I wasn’t accepted and/or worthy of their love. But the more I cried out for sisterhood, the more beautiful, powerful women waltzed into my life. A deep longing finally met. I’m honored to have these women in my life. Not only do they empower me and remind me I am worthy of their love. But they inspire me to new heights and re-align me to my purpose of helping other women.

It’s okay to be discerning with who you share your time and energy with, but remember to remain open when the universe brings to you exactly who you called out for. As each can be seen as a sacred Sherpa, guiding you beyond your once known reality.

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