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soul attraction

Every person in our life was attracted to us for some reason, often beyond our comprehension.

Why? What was that? What attracted these two completely (seemingly) separate beings together in a single moment in time?

I’m sure you can agree, they aren’t always the most beautiful. Yet all are angels in disguise.

Some of these people are triggers, sparking unhealed wounds. Some hurt us, betray us, give us a false sense of hope. Some are emotionally unavailable, leave you feeling lost and confused, alone.

Then there’s the beautiful soul connections. The ones that ignite your soul in a way no words can explain. Home, yet free at last. Instant attraction, as if there’s a magnetic pull between you. Pulling you into them, yet deeper into yourself as if simultaneously.

You’re not only attracted to their body, but their aura, their presence. An instant trust, as if you’ve been friends for a thousand years. Forever changed in a single encounter. Always a mystery how magical this connection was, yet the truest thing you’ve ever experienced.

Then there’s those who are both. And yet, somehow they both lead you deeper into yourself...

These attractions amaze me. From the painful, to the most freeing. Every one changes you in some way, whether you’re aware of it or not. We are energetic beings, and leave our energetic debris in the aura of every soul we cross.

How beautiful that is!

How beautiful it is that you can leave such an impact on a life that it changes the whole trajectory of their life in an instant?

The timing is always random and unexpected. Sometimes they last a lifetime, others a glance. But every one has meaning. Perfectly orchestrated by the divine hand of God.

With this perspective, I’m surely encouraged to make every encounter worth while.

What do you think?

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