Many of us are feeling this strong pull to SURRENDER. Am I right?

We may have had ideas or plans about how we thought things should go, but things just haven’t been working out as we may have hoped. Leaving us feeling confused, defeated, maybe lost?

And though as uncomfortable as this quiet period may be, I promise you you’re exactly where you’re meant to be, and things are happening exactly as they’re meant to.

The reasoning is not always clear, but we don’t always need to have everything figured out. Sometimes we’re only meant to surrender to whatever process is naturally unfolding for us. And to trust that everything that happens for us is for our highest good.

This period of waiting may be the most difficult at times - being forced to literally not do anything but wait patiently. However, if you can surrender enough it may end up being the most important.

The uncomfortability can be our greatest teacher. See because within the resistance to surrender are lessons. And there are many layers to this process. Each one taking us deeper into ourselves, and uncovering more of what is holding us back/what needs to be released for us to move forward with more grace.

We fear giving up control because it’s basically like jumping into a void of the unknown. Where no control can exist. But think about it… Think about the perfection of life that happens without any control?

A human form is created out of nothing

The earth spinning in perfect rotation

Nature and its perfect cycles of life and death