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surrender to the NOW

I dare you to surrender yourself fully to this NOW moment. Let go of the past, leave the future where it belongs and sink into this moment.

Forget labels Transcend the stories Ease your worry Surrender control


Allow yourself to melt into this NOW moment.

As you do this, you tune yourself into the zero point field - where the real magic is. When you align to the present, your truest essence is revealed. Offering you the ability to feel into the harmony making up this seemingly ‘physical’ reality. It feels still. Like the flat surface of a lake. A clean canvas full of endless possibilities. This is the zero point of creation and it sits within the center of our heart.

Think back to those moments you’re completely present with yourself, or another. When you’re fully there. Your mind is still, your heart open. You can appreciate the totality of each being. You taste the oneness with all of life. It’s enveloping and freeing all at once. Time stands still and your just there. Enveloped in unity and grace. This is the essence of the infinite. The primordial soup all life emanates from and is available for us to tune into it the moment we allow ourselves to surrender and collapse fully into the NOW.

Dear soul, this is why we came here. To realize the preciousness of each NOW moment so much so that we awaken to the divinity that unifies each of us to everything. We are everything, and nothing all at once. How expansive, yet oh so humbling.

Do you dare to surrender?

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