swimming in a cosmic sea of love

I invite you to pause for a moment.

Take a deep breath. Place your hand on your heart.

Feel the aliveness of this precious organ. Feel into the life force energy pulsing through you now. The force that gifted you life and continues to do so every moment of this existence.

Your heart is the seat of your Soul. Our portal to the Divine.

You may or may not know this aspect of your Self yet, but that’s why people such as myself are incarnated at this time. To help us remember.

You see, we live in a world of mirrors. A holographic projection of consciousness. A multidimensional field of energy, with no beginning or end. Everything we believe to be real, is merely energy at its core. And quantum physics has proved this. At the center of every atom is merely space. Including you. This vibrating bundle of atoms, is really at it’s core…space.

Everything we perceive as ‘physical’ is only varied frequencies of the same Source energy, translated into light, sound and everything in between.

You, my friend, are a living work of art. A most sacred and eternal being. You are light. A cluster of star dust sculpted into a human form floating through an infinite field of consciousness, swimming in a cosmic sea of love.

This life is yours to create. So play, have fun! Don’t take this playground too seriously.