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the gift of self healing

When we heal ourselves, we heal the collective. All those we are closest connected to, and even all those we don’t perceive ourselves to be connected to. Including our ancestors, and our past and future selves. We are all interconnected in this energetic field of energy, like a web. In which all of creation, transcending all time and space, is connected through.

We’re all leveling up right now, and it’s incredibly exciting, but it’s important to note that as we rise, so must all our lower energies be cleansed and released. As they can no longer resonate on our new playing field.

Your pain and suffering, may make itself known to you through outside experiences, or may appear out of the blue. However they make themselves present, we must remember that we never feel anything that didn’t already exist within us.

Oftentimes, our pain reveals itself to us in the most unexpected time. Sometimes after a huge victory, such as embodying more light. It sucks being kicked back down to the depths of our shadows, but it all reveals itself to us for a divine reason - to learn, grow and expand beyond.

I believe we cannot exist at our highest without balance. For our branches can only reach the heavens as deeply as our roots touch hell.

For our whole being to be illuminated, we must anchor in our light into even the darkest parts of ourselves.


Do not fear facing your shadows. For they are only there to be your teacher to help you transcend all you believed yourself to be. To help you learn how to find the light in even the darkest of places.


Be proud of yourself. Only the bravest souls embark on such journey. The journey into their Self.


Have compassion, be patient with yourself.

Healing doesn’t happen overnight. It happens in spirals.

Trust the process. And have faith that you can overcome anything placed on your path.

May you be guided with love, & your path illuminated with light.

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