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the only way out

The only way out is through.

Last night my heart ached as years of suffering flooded through me. Encapsulated in grief and regret, feeling pieces of myself dying. I courageously surrendered as I witnessed the transmutation of old shadows. Remaining center in the knowing the old must die for new to reemerge. I trusted the process and walked myself into a dark abyss.

Collapsing into myself, only to find my strength once more. It’s as if it waits for me at the bottom of the well of my shadowy waters to see if I’ll push through to meet it; as I usually do. No matter how uncomfortable it is, I always find a beauty in it. It’s remarkable to witness what arises within me. Knowing it’s coming up only to be released for the final lessons of these shadows to be revealed so I can anchor in even more of my truest light, and move beyond where I was once held.

Every human being on earth has darkness within them. And if we can surrender to this truth, then we can realize that the Shadow is the key master that opens the door to our light. If we refuse to look at our shadows, the darkness will prevail and we’ll never step into our fullest light. This is because there are key lessons in our shadows that our soul chose to experience, and learn from, in this life.

I believe part of our mission is to learn to love the darkness. To see it as an equal aspect in this multidimensional universe. The only thing that truly separates the light from the dark is perspective. So if we can learn to become neutral between the two and see them both as expressions of Source, then we can truly reach enlightenment. But if we trap ourselves in only wanting to look at one side of the spectrum (most the time that being light) then we neglect to empower ourselves by coming to realize oneness with the totality of what makes us who we are - Multidimensional Beings.

Surrender to what arises. Make peace with your shadows. Listen to them. They have key messages to help you return home to your truth; to love. Namaste

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