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the Sacred Feminine

For nearly half my life, I was naive to knowing the sacredness of my vessel. A journey eventually guiding me back home with a deepened inner standing and heightened appreciation of the instinctual feminine wisdom flooding my every vein.

My purpose in this life is to reawaken the sacred feminine within each of us. For she is the heartbeat of life, the pulse of wisdom and ever flowing grace. She is not some thing, but rather an experience. One that can only be known within the heart, felt in the soul. She is the matrix of creation. The dark womb in which all life emanates from, the great mystery of light being born into matter.

Just as she can birth realities into existence, so too can she call forth to her everything she desires to experience. For she is creation remembering herself as the holy Creator.

We are all worthy of harnessing such power, but it requires a sense of maturity to acquire the totality of our magnetic abilities. To manifest our hearts deepest desires they must be honored and held centered in our hearts; the zero point of creation. The Holy Mother is our ultimate nurturer, emanating a love so pure and unconditional, meaning every creation of hers must be made of the same essence.

The more I embody the instinctual wisdom of the feminine, the more easily I’m able to attune myself to my desired reality. It’s taken much trial and error, but I’m learning how to remain pure of heart with my desires and clear on what kind of reality I’m birthing into this world.

Is it one of the mind and old paradigms? Or is it of the essence of the primordial oneness of life?

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