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through my devotion

I lost myself along the way. Unknowingly threw my soul to the side, while my mind took the wheel. Directing this path of trying to figure things out, as my body and soul dragged behind. Forced into deeper and deeper healing. To eventually see it was all meant to be. It was all meant to play out the way it did. But now it’s my Soul’s turn to lead the way. Whole and true. To live with love in my heart, passion in my bones, pleasure in my voice. I’m ready to put everything I have, take everything I’ve learned, into the truest and most expansive me I’ve never experienced before.

I crave to be so real and raw. So authentically me. Expressing my light in every facet of life possible. From my words, to the way I breathe. Every look a chance to receive, the highest and most precious taste of divinity.

Only I can bring this dream into reality. And through my devotion, the world will soon see.

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