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true progress is non linear

True progress is non linear. When we grow we not only grow in one direction, we grow in spirals.

One of the great wisdoms of the Tao Te Ching is summed up in the phrase that the way forwards often appears as if it goes back, and the way back may appear to go forward.

When we are met with resistance or when things appear to be moving backwards, often it is a sign of expansion. However, humans are so quick to judge and condemn ourselves for doing something ‘wrong’ or blame some external thing when really everything is happening FOR US.

As we expand into our souls light, there will be times of challenge that pull us into the places within ourself we often avoid. Resistance can be looked at as an opportunity to go within and take inventory of the attachments we still hold onto, and realize the stories that may still be playing out, so we can then make the conscious choice of letting of what no longer serves us. Gifting us the space to anchor more light and rise into a higher level of self.

So next time you feel you’re moving backwards, know that you’re only spiraling into more of who you came here to be.

All is well, beloved. All is well.

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