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trust falling into your self

Stepping into your power sometimes feels like your trust falling into your Self✨

You don’t always know which way is up, or if you’ll even make it out alive. It requires patience, vulnerability, surrender.

If we are to transcend into a new level of being-ness, we must heal what keeps us small. We must shine light on our shadows if we are to illuminate ourselves from within.

A paradox it may seem, but in our vulnerability is truly where we find our greatest strength. In our humility, our greatest wisdom.

Carl Jung once wrote, "One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

The harder we avoid healing and taking responsibility for our own limitations, the more obvious the reflection of these wounds will become. As all of reality externally is merely a reflection of our internal reality. Including what is hidden in the unconscious.

I believe part of our purpose in this human experience is making peace with all aspects of life, which comes through knowing thyself. As you consciously witness the harmonious flow of duality within and around you, you eventually remember that all is One.

It’s in this inner-standing do we begin to align with the totality of this ever expanding multiverse.

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