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trusting our unique gifts

Do you feel yourself being guided to trust and believe in yourself more than you ever have?

Me too…

For most of my life, I denied my gifts. Specifically my psychic and intuitive abilities. However I can no longer deny myself. And thankfully Spirit refuses to allow me to play small any I feel that is the case for many of us. Especially the ones here with a mission.

The world needs us more than ever.

Either we continue pushing our gifts aside, resisting the path we are being led on; denying ourselves, and the world, of our light.

Or we choose to finally surrender to our gifts. Meeting them with courage knowing we are powerful enough to fulfill our soul’s purpose. In turn filling our hearts with love, as well as every soul we came here to return to love.

Our gifts are real and will reveal themselves to us, as soon as we make the commitment to trust in them. Free of doubt, and without judgement.

We are more unique, and more divine than we’ve given ourselves credit. It’s time we take our power back and embody the light that craves the opportunity to shine through us. Reflecting to the world a light so authentic and true, it gifts others the space to emanate their own unique light.

You are fully supported in your decisions. You are. Trust yourself.

You have everything you need within you. All it takes to begin is one decision, one step, in the direction of your truth.

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